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Firstly, I want to make a note to clarify something I said in my previous newsletter: when I said to pay by dateline, I meant that ALL bills have to be paid by date: this means that you take ALL bills you have, sort them out by Due Date, and pay the oldest first, then the next oldest, etc. So all bills collectively, not just the oldest from each individual supplier! Determine how much money you have to pay your bills, take the bills from the oldest one and work your way to the present, paying all those bills that you have money for right now. Next week/month you do exactly the same, and you keep doing this each week/month until you have caught up on your bills! I did this with a company I worked for many years ago, and it took me 6-8 months of diligently working my way through the bills every week until we were all caught up, and all bills due for payment had been paid up!  By all means, let me know if you need any help implementing this in your company.


All right. So, you now do your Income Planning each week/month and you make a plan on how to spend the money you’ve taken in that week/month. How DO you spend your money? There is one key datum that you must apply:




For each expense, ask yourself this question. If you want to buy a new computer, ask yourself how this computer will help you earn more money. If the answer is NO, then don’t spend it! If you look at all your expenses that way, you will probably be amazed at how quickly you can get rid of waste and really invest your money in purchases that will help you expand your company! And it’s a fantastically easy way of deciding whether you should buy something or now. It makes it very simple!

As far as outflow – advertising, promotions – are concerned, the biggest amount of money should be spent on outflow to the general public; lesser amount of outflow to existing customers; and the least amount of outflow should be spent on loyal customers. After all, the general public are not your customers yet, and you want everyone to know about your products/services so that they can become your customer. Your loyal customers don’t really need lots of outflow as they already are loyal to you – just send them a regular newsletter to keep them up to date with developments. That doesn’t mean you should ignore loyal customers; not by any means. They deserve to be awarded for their loyalty; actually something that many bigger companies nowadays overlook and this is something that really upsets me. You can be a loyal customer somewhere for years and years, and do they care? Nope! You ask them for a favour, and they just shrug and ignore you! That is no way to treat loyal customers! They certainly deserve your thanks and attention, but as far as advertising and promotion is concerned, they won’t need much of that 🙂


As always, keep it simple and… Flourish and Prosper.




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