These are a few of Lisa de Haas’s testimonals. Lisa offers bookkeeping services in East Grinstead to small and medium size businesses.

“I like how simple you make things that I find very complicated. You help me do financial things that I would usually find very stressful.”

Lesha Hudson 2015

“I really like your willingness and your ability to communicate and act fast regards to responding to questions and queries. You are very capable, able, professional and approachable. You seem to go beyond most to help get things straight.”

Emma Jackman 2015

“What I like most is that you have never yet let me down with an answer to a question. Very flexible with times for doing books. I feel confident that if I had a tax inspection everything would be above board.”

Juliette Cockell 2015

“I have already been praising you for your work. You said at the initial interview that you work twice as fast as anyone else, and I was a bit sceptical. But on your first day you posted all the invoices in four hours, which would have taken me at least 2 days – no probably a week to do.”

Gavin O’Brien (customer) Oct 2010

Lisa does book-keeping and accounting for some of our clients. Her work is always at a high professional level and I thoroughly commend her.

DEREK FIELD (accountant) Oct 2010

“If Lisa is doing your accounts then I know it will be done right”

Ken Burr (accountant) Jun 2009

‘When I first looked to contract out my company’s accounts work it felt like I was handing on the company’s jewels into someone else’s keeping and it in fact I was. However having used Lisa Belcher’s services l now have a high degree of confidence that they are in good hands. The most important factor for me in a choice of someone to work with is the working relationship we will have with them. With Lisa we have an excellent working relationship she not only keeps our books up to date but is proactive in correcting old errors and improving our procedures and practices, as well as being a very pleasant individual to work with. If, like I was, you are looking to work with someone you can trust and depend on then I would have no hesitation in recommending her to you:’

Rob McLeod (customer) Nov 2004 (Note: Prior to my divorce in 2006, I was known as Mrs Lisa Belcher)

“The accounts were a pleasure to do, you have done a very good job”.

Carol Gregory (accountant) Mar 2011

“Until I met Lisa I thought my company ran a tight ship but now I know it does. Her support is worth every penny for the peace of mind in knowing everything is in order. I have learnt such a lot through her help and advice. Thanks Lisa.”

Juliette Cockell (customer) July 2012


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